Saavira Kambada Basadi

History of the temple

Saavira Kambada Basadi was constructed in the years 1430A.D. The temple was created by Devaraya wodeyar.  The construction of the temple was completed after 31 years.  Later,  the halls, mandapas and manasthamba were constructed.  The temple is constructed as three floors.  The upper floor is opened once in a year.  This temple is researched by many historians and researchers.  The carvings on the pillars tell of many cultures of ancient times.  

About the temple 

The temple is situated in Moodabidri, Karnataka, India.  The main deity in the temple Chandraprabha.  Moodabidri ‘mooda’ means east and ‘bidri’ means bamboo.  The area is for cultivation of bamboo. So, the town gets the name Moodabidri.  Moodabidri is considered as the holy place for Jains.  The temple is well known for magnificent pillars.  The other name of the temple is “Trihuvana Tilaka chudamani Basadi''.  The meaning of the temple was “crown jewel of the three worlds”.  There are 18 temples in Moodbidri.  Moodsbridi is considered as “Jain kasha”.  Moodbidri town is well connected with the No. 18.  There are 18 temples, 18 roads to villages and 18 lakhs. Some temples in Moodbidri.  Guru Basadi: the main deity is Lord Parshvanath and 52 idols but recently 15 idols were stolen.  Ammanasravana Basadi: the main deity is lord saraswati and padmavati.  There are 24 tirthankars.

Festivals celebrated at the temple

Rathotsava festival is the main festival in Saavira Kambada Basadi.  The main deity is placed in a chariot and taken around the town.  Navaratri, Dindu, Kambala, Bhuta kolu are other festivals.

Timings of the temple

The timings of the temple is 7.30am to 6pm.  The entry fee is free for devotees.

Nearby places to visit

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Mudbidri, Mudbidri, Karnataka, India

Pincode: 574227


Road: There are bus and taxi services available from major cities Bangalore, Mangalore, Udupi, etc., which can be availed by tourists to visit the temple town.

Bus: There are even private and public buses that travel on the established routes between other further cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hubli, etc.

Railway: The closest railway station is Mangalore and has a lot of trains to and from different cities.

Airport: At a distance of 37 km, Mangalore is the nearest airport to Moodabidri. Tourists from far off places can land at Mangalore airport and avail the many taxi services to travel to Moodabidri.


Morning: 07:30am - 06:00pm


Dharamshala: NO

Bhojanalay: NO