Name: Vasupujya
Other Names: Vasupujya Swami
Birth: Champapur
Death: Champapur
Parents: Vasupujya (father) and Jaya (Vijaya) (mother)
Tree: Patala
Symbol: Buffalo
Symbol Image:

In his past manifestation, Vasupujya was King Padmottar who controlled over the realm of Manglavati in Ardhapushkar Island. He was an exceptionally devout and respectable ruler. Later on taking Diksha from Acharya Vajranabh he arrived at a commended condition of otherworldly illumination so he was reawakened as the following Tirthankar. In the middle he manifested as a God in the Pranat measurement and afterward his spirit slid into the belly of Queen Jaya Devi who was the spouse of King Vasupujya of Champa town. The Queen had fourteen promising dreams. The King and Queen were extremely glad to realize that they were lucky to be conceived as the guardians of a Tirthankar. The Queen brought forth a child on the fourteenth day of the Phalgun month Krishna Paksh (as per the Hindu schedule). At the point when the infant was as yet in the belly Lord Indra the King of Gods came to pay his welcome to the future Tirthankar henceforth the infant was named Vasupujya. The Prince grew up to be a sort, adoring and profoundly strict kid. He even declined marriage and consistently had his brain turned inwards. He would not standard the Kingdom which his dad needed to give up to him. He repudiated common life and turned into a parsimonious. Numerous individuals from the illustrious family and his subjects went along with him and after extreme profound practices on the second day of Shulka Paksh of the long stretch of Magh under the Patal tree he accomplished Omniscience. It is said that in one of his movements he came to Dwaraka. There, the King of Dwaraka was Dwiprishtha who was the sibling of Vasupujya. Vasupujya disclosed to him his previous existences. Hearing this and understanding the servitude of life and the boundless patterns of birth and demise he fell at his feet and took Diksha from him.