Name: Anantanatha
Other Names: NA
Birth: Ayodhya
Death: Shikharji
Parents: Simhasena (father) and Suyasha (mother)
Tree: Ashvatta (Ashoka)
Symbol: Porcupine as per Digambara and Falcon as per Shvetambara
Symbol Image:

Anantanatha in his past manifestation was King of Arishta town in Dhatkikhand. He drove a profoundly devout and strict life. Later he took Diksha from Acharya Chitraaksh. He had achieved an extremely high condition of profound edification because of which he was to be renewed as the following Tirthankar. His spirit resurrected in the Pushpottar measurement of the Gods after which it plunged into the belly of Queen Suyasha Devi who was the spouse of King Simhasen of Ayodhya. At the point when the King heard this he was thrilled as he realized that these were indications of the introduction of a Tirthankar. The two of them felt honored and said thanks to the Lord for their favorable luck. Time passed and the sovereign brought forth a child on the thirteenth day of the dim portion of the period of Vaisakh (as per Hindu schedule). During the pregnancy the Queen had longed for a long strand of dots whose finishes were not noticeable. During this period the King's force likewise expanded complex. This was ascribed to the spirit in the belly who was named Anant (interminable). As time left he got hitched. The lord chose to give up the Kingdom to him and resign to the timberland in quest for otherworldly practices. Anantnath was a decent and humane King. He dealt with his subjects and furthermore was profoundly strict thus proceeded with his supplications and reflection rehearsals. Lords from close by realms came to him and he generally assisted them with tackling their issues. Subsequent to administering the Kingdom carefully for various years Anantnath started to feel restless. In his contemplation he saw all his previous manifestations and understood the explanation behind his introduction to the world and the genuine objective of his life. A profound feeling of separation came over him. He chose to surrender his Kingdom and embrace asceticism. Alongside him numerous individuals from the regal family and his subjects likewise accepted asceticism. In the wake of going through serious repentances under an Ashoka tree he accomplished Omniscience on the fourteenth day of the dim portion of the period of Vaisakh.