Name: Dharmanatha
Other Names: NA
Birth: Ratnapuri
Death: Shikharji
Parents: Bhanu (father) and Suvrata (mother)
Tree: Dadhiparna
Symbol: Vajra
Symbol Image:

Dharmanatha in his past manifestation was King Dridhrath of Baddilpur town in Mahavideha region. He was a devout and strict King. Because of serious compensations of various births he had accomplished an exceptionally high condition of otherworldly illumination because of which he was renewed as a tirthankar. He resurrected as God in the Vijyanta measurement after which his spirit slid into the belly of Suvrata Devi who was the spouse of King Bhanuraja of Ratnapuri. The King thought about the fantasies about King Rishabdeva's mom so he understood that the youngster in the Queen's belly was a Tirthankar. The two of them were excited at their favorable luck. The Queen before long brought forth a child on the third day of the splendid portion of the period of Magh. During the pregnancy the King and sovereign including the subjects gave all their opportunity to strict exercises like foundation, compensations and other respectable exercises. Understanding that it was because of the impact of the immaculateness and Godliness of the unborn soul, the new conceived was named Dharmanath. A long time passed and the sovereign grew up to be a short and devoted kid and soon they got him hitched. The King at that point chose to surrender the realm to him and resigned to the timberland to seek after profound practice. Dharmanath managed carefully for various years. He took extraordinary consideration of his subjects and the undertakings of the state. He would likewise consistently be submerged in petition and reflection. A long time passed and in his supplications he saw all his previous existence times. He understood the objective of his life and the reason for his introduction to the world. A profound feeling of separation came over him. Accepting asceticism he left the realm and meandering from one spot to another he started profoundly seeking after his otherworldly practices. He arrived at Rajanpur and sitting under a Dadhiparan tree he accomplished Omniscience.