Name: Kunthunatha
Other Names: NA
Birth: Hastinapur
Death: Shikharji
Parents: Surya (Sura) (father) and Shridevi (mother)
Tree: Tilakataru
Symbol: Goat
Symbol Image:

Kunthunatha in his previous manifestation was King Simhavaha of Khadgi town in Mahavideha region.  He was profoundly strict and God-cherishing. After some time he surrendered his realm and took Diksha from Samvaracharya. He had been going through profound retributions more than a few lifetimes and had arrived at an extremely lifted up condition of edification because of which he was renewed as a Tirthankar.  He resurrected in the Sarvarthasiddha measurement of the Gods and afterward his spirit plummeted into the belly of Queen Shridevi who was the spouse of King Shursen of Hastinapur.  At the point when she educated the King, he perceived the indications of a Tirthankar and educated her and both were thrilled that they were honored to be the guardians of a Tirthankar. As the time passed and the Queen was honored with a child on the fourteenth day of Krishna Paksh of the period of Vaisakh of the Hindu schedule. As the Queen had longed for a stack of gemstones known as Kunthu during her pregnancy the youngster was named Kunthunatha. He grew up and was hitched. The King at that point gave over the realm to him and went to the timberland for profound practices. As the plate weapon 'Chakra' showed up in his ordinance and he continued to vanquish the Kingdoms with his strong armed force. All the Kings acknowledged his power dodging any showdown and with no slaughter Kuntunath turned into a Chakravarthi.  He got back to his realm and to praise the euphoric occasion he pardoned all expenses of his kin and took extraordinary consideration of them. Harmony and delight ruled all over. Time passed by and soon the King started to get restless. In his petitions he saw his previous existences and understood the explanation behind his introduction to the world and the objective of his life. He chose to turn into an austere and large numbers of the Kings who were faithful to him additionally followed him. He proceeded with his profound repentances and accomplished Omniscience on the third day of the splendid portion of the long stretch of Chaitra under a Tilak tree in Sahasramara wilderness outside Hastinapur.