Name: Munisuvrata
Other Names: Munisuvrata Swami
Birth: Rajgir
Death: Shikharji
Parents: Sumitra (father) and Padmavati (mother)
Tree: Champaka
Symbol: Tortoise
Symbol Image:

Munisuvrata was the twentieth Tirthankar of the current age. All the Tirthankaras were profoundly acknowledged spirits profoundly developing through various births. Munisuvrata in his prior manifestation was supposed to be the King of Champa city in Mahavideha zone named Surshreshta. He drove a devout life and later on took up asceticism. He went through thorough compensations and arrived at an exceptionally magnified state because of which he resurrected in the Pranat measurement of Gods and later his spirit slipped into the belly of Queen Padmavati who was the spouse of King Sumitra Raja of Rajgriha. Both the King and Queen were thrilled at their favorable luck of being the guardians of a Tirthankar. She brought forth a child on the 10th day of Krishna Paksh of the period of Vaisakha as indicated by the Hindu schedule. The Queen during the pregnancy took various promises and drove a day to day existence loaded up with discipline much the same as a plain. Henceforth the youngster was named Munisuvrata (vow like plain). As he grw up they got him hitched. The King at that point gave over the realm to him and went to the woods to seek after the profound path. Munisuvrata governed admirably for a long time. At that point considering the ever-changing seasons and the tedium of life a profound feeling of separation came over him. He found in his contemplation all his previous existences and understood the objective of his life and the reason for his reality. He at that point quit any pretense of everything and accepted. He meandered about occupied with thorough profound compensations and under a Champa tree accomplished Omniscience. 


He lectured about Scriptural and Applied way of thinking and admonished his devotees to understand the explanation of their introduction to the world and their objective of self-acknowledgement. He requested that they surrender common subjugation and rise above the patterns of birth and demise. He clarified the standards of Right Conduct, Right reasoning and Right information and encouraged them to rehearse sympathy and peacefulness. He accomplished Nirvana at Sammed Shikhar on the 10th day of the period of Jyeshta.