Name: Naminatha
Other Names: NA
Birth: Mithila
Death: Shikharji
Parents: Vijaya (father) and Vipra (Vapra) (mother)
Tree: Vakula
Symbol: Blue water lily
Symbol Image:

Naminatha was destined to Queen Vipra Rani and King Vijay Raja of Mithila of the Ikshvaku line on the eighth day of the dull portion of the long stretch of Shravan as indicated by the Hindu schedule. In his previous manifestation he was King Siddharth of the town of Kaushambi in Eastern Mahavideha. He had performed extreme retributions in before lifetimes and had arrived at a commended condition of illumination consequently he resurrected as a God in the Aparajit measurement and later slipped into the belly of Queen Vipra Devi. During her pregnancy a gathering of ground-breaking Kings assaulted Mithila. The King being harmony adoring wished to keep away from gore and didn't have a clue how to continue. The savvy ones in the royal residence at that point educated the King to permit the Queen to go to the top of the castle and look at the assaulting armed forces. At the point when the Queen did as she was told, to the amazement of all, the devout soul in the belly totally changed the personalities of the Kings and they bowed and gave up to the King such were the Divine vibrations radiating from the kid in the belly. Along these lines when the youngster was conceived he was named Naminath. A long time passed and the kid grew up into a harmony cherishing and strict kid.  Before long they got him hitched and the King gave over the Kingdom to him and resigned to the woodland to seek after otherworldly retributions. Naminath controlled admirably for various years and in his petitions he saw his previous lifetimes and understood the explanation of his introduction to the world. He at that point chose to quit any pretense of everything and become an austere on the 10th day of the dull portion of the long stretch of Ashadh as indicated by the Hindu schedule. After thorough otherworldly practices he accomplished Omniscience in a nursery close to Mithila under a Bakul tree. 

He at that point started lecturing on Right discernment, Right Knowledge and Right Action. He asked his adherents to rehearse sympathy and peacefulness and to transcend common delights and understand the genuine objective of life. After quite a while of lecturing and atonements he accomplished Nirvana at Sammed Shikhar on the 10th day of the dull portion of the long stretch of Vaisakh.