Name: Parshvanatha
Other Names: NA
Birth: 872 BC
Death: 772 BC
Parents: Ashvasena (father) and Vamadevi (mother)
Tree: Ashoka
Symbol: Snake
Symbol Image:

Parshavanatha’s soul plummeted into the belly of Queen Vama Devi who was the spouse of King Ashwasena of Varanasi. He was brought into the world on the 10th day of the dim portion of the period of Paush. During her pregnancy the Queen had seen a snake crawling on the bed close to the flank of the King and she had woken him up and saved him from the looming risk so they named him Parshva(flank). He grew up to be a bold and attractive ruler. His acclaim spread all over and it arrived at Kushasthalpur where King Prasenjit had a little girl Prabhavati who on catching wind of him was resolved to turn into his better half. In the mean time the King of Kalinga Yavanraj assaulted Kushasthalpur and wished to wed Prabhavati. Ruler Prasenjit mentioned King Ashwasena to help him. Ruler Ashwasena requested that Prince Parshvanath wage war. The Gods sent a heavenly chariot to help Parshvanath. Then Yavanraj was cautioned by his pastors about the ability of Parshvanath and anticipated destruction for him. This caused Yavanraj much tension and he gave up without a battle. He offered endowments to Parshvanath and turned into his companion. In appreciation King Prasenjit offered his little girl Prabhavati to Parshvanath. Parshvanath was not excited about marriage however on the demand of his folks and different elderly folks consented to the wedding. Yet, even after marriage he drove an extremely basic and devout life. Mindful of his previous existences he understood that the opportunity had arrived to turn into a plain and satisfy the genuine reason for which he was conceived. He put out on his way of renunciation and proceeded with thorough profound repentances. He accomplished Omniscience on the fourth day of the dull portion of the period of Chaitra in the Ashrampad garden in Varanasi while he remained in contemplation under a Dharanendra tree. 


He set up the four overlay requests and gave talks on religion, the standards of Right Thinking, Right lead and Right Action. He talked on truth, peacefulness, non taking and non possessiveness. He had eight boss devotees known as Ganadharas and the first and senior most was Shubhdatta. He voyaged and lectured broadly and the Magadha Kings, the Shakya Kings and others were his supporters. He accomplished Nirvana on the fifth day of the splendid portion of the period of Shravan at Sammed Shikhar. Sammed Shikhar is additionally alluded to as Parasnath slope and is situated in Jharkhand. It is perhaps the most renowned journey place for the Jains as the vast majority of the Tirthankaras accomplished Nirvana there.