Name: Abhinandananatha
Other Names: Abhinandana Swami
Birth: Ayodhya
Death: Shikharji
Parents: Samvara (father) and Siddhartha (mother)
Tree: Priyangu
Symbol: Monkey
Symbol Image:

Abhinandananatha was the fourth Tirthankara of the 24 tirthankaras. He was born to the king Samvara and Queen Siddhartha.  He was born in Ayodha in the Ikshvaku clan. He was born on the second day of Magh Shukla month in the Indian calendar. His height was 350 feet (1050m). He turned into a siddha and left all his luxurious life. Turned into a free soul which had destroyed all his karmas. He is said to have lived for 50 lakh years.  His other name is Abhinandana Swami. The predecessor is Sambhavanatha and the successor is Sumathinatha.