Name: Chandraprabha
Other Names: Chanda Prabhu
Birth: Chandrapuri
Death: Shikharji
Parents: Mahasena (father) and Lakshmana (mother)
Tree: Naga
Symbol: Crescent Moon
Symbol Image:

Chandraprabha in his past manifestation was King Padma of Manglavati town of Dhatkikhand. His through repentances and starknesses of various lifetimes had carried him to such a condition of profound worship that he was renewed as the following Tirthankar. His spirit slid into the belly of Queen Sulakshana who was the spouse of King Mahasen of Chandrapuri town. At the point when the kid was in her belly she had sixteen propitious dreams which affirmed that the spirit in her belly was a Tirthankar. The entire realm was thrilled there was kindness and fraternity all over the place. The climate in the realm was extremely wonderful and well disposed. It is said that during her pregnancy taking a gander at the excellent full moon, the sovereign wanted to drink the sparkling dash of twilight. The ruler astutely figured out how to fulfill this craving. On Paush Krishna 13 of the Hindu schedule, the sovereign brought forth an attractive kid whose face was reasonable and sparkled like the moon. So they chose to name him Chandraprabh. He was a short, persistent and fearless kid. Individuals adored him and later on they got him hitched. The King at that point gave over the Kingdom to him and went into the backwoods to perform profound retributions.